Tips for a Kitchen Remodelling

Undertaking a kitchen remodeling exercise can be challenging, exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. To make the exercise slightly more comfortable, we consulted experts to give us ideas on how one can make the process more comfortable, less expensive and that which is more successful. Below, we have put together some tips for kitchen remodeling that will guide you and help you achieve a kitchen of your dreams.


wood workTry an Island before you Purchase

If you want a kitchen that has more counter space hence affording you more storage space, then it is advisable that you purchase a center island. But you should be aware that having a center island in your kitchen will mean a reduced number of people who can use the kitchen at one go. To ensure that you are comfortable with it, you can try it out before you have it permanently installed. You are at liberty to put up a full-scale model that is made of cardboards, live it for a week or two then decide on whether you want such a layout or not. If there is not enough space that can accommodate an island, then you have the option of purchasing a kitchen troll.


Try Out a Temporary Kitchen

When we talk about a temporal kitchen, we are referring to some modified space within the room that is being remodeled, that will enable you to prepare your meals, wash dishes and do any other activities while your central kitchen is undergoing remodeling. This can be built using the old cabinets or the uninstalled countertops. Do not put too much into it as this is something temporal. When doing this, always endeavor to achieve functionality.


Consider having a Kitchen Office

If you have always desired to have a kitchen in your office, then it is important that you incorporate it into the remodeling plan and process. A kitchen office does not require a lot of space, all you need is to reserve some space for a small sitting area as this is adequate for a kitchen office. When conducting your remodeling, remember to install internet and electricity access and outlet points.


Spare Bigger Fridge Space

During your remodeling, you are most likely to replace you’re your cabinets. When you are doing this, you will be required to leave enough space between them so that it can be able to accommodate a bigger fridge in future if you want to have one. For the extra space that may remain, you can make use of panels or filler strips. Ensure that the panels and cabinets do match as they will look more smart and attractive.


kitchenDeal with Floor Gaps

If you will only be replacing your cabinets but leave the floor intact, there is a high probability that there will be gaps left between the floor and the newly installed cabinets. If the new cabinets do not match the width of those that you have removed, you can fill to hide the gaps by using molding.

Finally, it is always advisable that you order for your countertops, only when you have your cabinets properly fitted.…